High Grade Corporate Bonds

Our deep customer and trading relationships are earned by providing exceptional client focus and trust over the years. Highly experienced sales coverage with long-standing relationships in our High Grade effort also compliments the secondary market liquidity afforded by our High Yield/Structured Credit distribution businesses which assist our customers' ability to capitalize on market inefficiencies in these asset classes.

Cross Point continues to build a global franchise with professionals who have superior product knowledge and experience while navigating extreme market cycles. Our Investment Grade business augments and brings greater depth to our banking effort, focused on traditional private debt placement issuance, while also bolstering our high yield/structured credit businesses. All of which allow Cross Point to provide our customers with excellent coverage over the full spectrum of credit products from high grade to distressed and structured credit. 

For more information on our Investment Grade Strategy, please contact:


Joseph Warwick

Head of High Grade Sales and Trading

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